November 16, 2021

Instruments unavailable for trading

08:00 UK: We are currently experiencing set up issues with 19 instruments in the Sigma X and Sigma X Europe symbol files. Affected instruments are not available to trade today.
Please reach out to SigmaX Trading with any questions.

November 08, 2021

*Resolved* Matching paused on SigmaX nd Sigma X Europe markets

08:45 UK Matching currently paused on all Sigma X and Sigma X Europe markets because of connection issues to CCP.

09:35UK  Matching resumed on all Sigma X and Sigma X Europe markets

October 20, 2021

*RESOLVED* Sigma X Connectivity issues

08:05 UK: Issues resolved -- Sigma X MTF and Sigma X Europe MTF is operating as normal.

For queries, please reach out to

October 13, 2021

*RESOLVED* Budapest & Prague Unavailable

08:00 UK: All Sigma X and Sigma X Europe will be open and available for trading today.

Please note the markets Budapest & Prague will be halted on SIGMA X MTF & SIGMA X Europe MTF 11th and 12th October
All other markets are available. 

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