Delayed Market Data

Delayed Market Data Disclaimer

Delayed post-trade transparency information for SIGMA X MTF and SIGMA X Europe MTF's order books (the "delayed market data") is made available at the link below, free of charge, in accordance with the MiFID II and MiFIR (including as incorporated under UK law) provisions relating to the publication of delayed market data. No registration is required. The delayed market data is provided with a maximum delay of 15 minutes.

The delayed market data does not contain real-time pre-trade or post-trade transparency information, which is made available separately, free of charge, to Participants pursuant to the SIGMA X MTF and SIGMA X Europe MTF Market Data Policy. See the Information for Participants page for more information.

By downloading the delayed market data, you hereby confirm that you, and any company on whose behalf you are accessing the delayed market data, are solely utilising the delayed market data in accordance with MiFID II / MiFIR (including as incorporated under UK law) and shall not at any time utilise the delayed market data for commercial purposes.

By downloading the delayed market data you expressly acknowledge and agree that the delayed market data is provided on an "as is" basis, at your sole risk. Goldman Sachs expressly disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, including any warranty for the use, or the results of the use, of the delayed market data with respect to their correctness, quality, accuracy, security, safety, completeness, reliability, performance, timeliness, continued availability or otherwise.

Goldman Sachs has no liability, contingent or otherwise, for your use of the delayed market data, the correctness, quality, accuracy, security, completeness, reliability, timeliness or continued availability of the delayed market data, or for the failure of any connection or communication service to provide or maintain the delayed market data, or for any interruption or disruption of access to the delayed market data.


1) Timestamps in the below files are UTC.

2) Please refer to the Instrument Reference Data file below to map the “SymbolIndex” displayed in the Pre Trade and Post Trade Transparency Data files back to the underlying ISIN.

Instrument Reference Data 2021-10-08

Pre Trade Transparency Data 2021-10-08

Post Trade Transparency 2021-10-08

Historical Data:

Instrument Reference Data 2021-10-07
Instrument Reference Data 2021-10-06
Instrument Reference Data 2021-10-05
Instrument Reference Data 2021-10-04
Instrument Reference Data 2021-10-01

Pre Trade Transparency Data 2021-10-07
Pre Trade Transparency Data 2021-10-06
Pre Trade Transparency Data 2021-10-05
Pre Trade Transparency Data 2021-10-04
Pre Trade Transparency Data 2021-10-01

Post Trade Transparency 2021-10-07
Post Trade Transparency 2021-10-06
Post Trade Transparency 2021-10-05
Post Trade Transparency 2021-10-04
Post Trade Transparency 2021-10-01

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